History Of Miss Tamang Nepal

‘Miss Tamang Nepal’is a regular beauty pageant being organized since 2006 for all interested Tamang females to unveil their hidden talent. In 2006, Jenisha Moktan won the title, and further won the title ‘Miss Nepal-2009. Even she participated in ‘Miss World-2010’ representing Nepal.
Similarly, Miss Tamang-2009 Upali Gyabak, Miss Tamang-2010 Sami Bhajyu, Miss Tamang-2012 Sumi Moktan, Miss Tamang-2013 Lakpa Tamang, Miss Tamang-2014 Muna Shree Tamang, Miss Tamang-2016 Urmila Yonjan & Miss Tamang-2018 Seemran Syangbo won the tilte of Miss Tamang Nepal.This competition is different from other beauty ageants or competitions.

Miss Tamang Nepal has been here with the help and support of many dignitaries. In which the MD of Civil Group Mr. Er. Ichhya Raj Tamang, MD of Kantipur Saving and Credit Pvt. Ltd. Mr. C.B. Lama, Around the world services Mr. Dan Bahadur Moktan, Himalayan Distillery, Gorkha Briary, Soltee Crown Plaza and Kantipur Television has been supporting us from the very beginning.

Awards & Recognition
The Title Winner of the competition got 1 lakh cash prize, a silver crown and gift hampers. Likewise, the first runner-up got 50 thousand, a silver crown and gift hampers. The second runner-up got 30 thousand, a silver crown and gift hampers. The grand finale of the competition used to be held on the day of ‘Sonam Lhosar’, the greatest festival of the Tamang community. And, there used to be other categories of awards such as best talent, best cat walk, best dress, best smile, best skin, best hair, best personality, best-supported guardian, most popular, most viewers’ choice and best discipline.

The yearly events were conducted at Tundikhel in Kathmandu. And, the contestants used to be brought to the spot in a helicopter for the competition on the auspicious occasion of ‘Sonam Lhosar’. Millions of Tamangs and non-Tamangs used to observe contestants landing on the spot. It used to be a unique and grand function than other competitions and beauty peasants in Nepal. Sometimes, such beauty pageants were held in five-star hotels in Kathmandu.The competition is organized by Nepal Tamang Art and Culture Center and managed by Sadhana Kala Kendra (SKK). Both the organizations have been chaired by “Mr. Milan Moktan” Padam Kumar Moktan.

From this year, we have planned to upgrade this beauty pageant into a global level naming it ‘Miss Tamang World’ to unite all the people from the Tamang community in Nepal, India and other parts of the world.

Miss Tamang World – 2021
Embracing the changes of time and modernization, the Tamangs have been migrating and dwelling in different parts of the world. Although we have been living in various regions of the world, our language, culture, arts and tradition are the same. Thus, we have to be united, connected and shared as a global Tamang community. This is our attempt to search, preserve and promote Tamang talents, art, culture, tradition, music and literature.

All the Tamangs dwelling around the globe have an equal share in this beauty peasant and can participate from Nepal or any parts of the world. The winner is entitled ‘Miss Tamang World’ representing all the Tamangs in this whole world. In the coming years for upcoming series will be conducted in different countries turn-by-turn around the globe.

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१. तामाङ जातिको अविवाहित हुनुपर्ने ।  
२. उमेर - १६ वर्षदेखि माथिको हुनुपर्ने ।  
३. शैक्षिक योग्यता- कम्तिमा १२ उत्तीर्ण अथवा अध्ययनरत ।  
४ . मानसिक सन्तुलन नगुमाएको हुनुपर्ने ।  
५ . तामाङ भाषा आयोजक संस्थाले नै सिकाउने हुँदा तामाङ भाषा जान्ने बुझ्ने हुनु नपर्ने ।  
६ . विश्वको जुनसुकै देशबाट सहभागिता जनाउन सकिने। 
७. असल स्वभाव तथा अनुशाशित हुनुपर्ने । 


Board Of Directors -Miss Tamang World Foundation

Er. Ichhya Raj Tamang

Chairman of Civil Group

Mr. VIjay Lama

Actor/ Senior captain/ social Activist

Mr. Lila Lama

Chairman of MD Group

Mr. CB Lama

Chairman, Kantipur Hospital

Mr. Binod Kumar Tamang

President, ASCA Nepal

Mr. Milan Moktan

Founder / Director Sadhana Kala Kendra and Miss Tamang

Mrs. Zenisha Moktan

Miss Tamang 2006, Miss Nepal 2009

Ms. Sumi Moktan

Miss Tamang 2021, Dancing With the Stars Winner, Actress

Mr. Phurba Lama

Social Worker

Mr. Kewal Tamang

Nepal Cineworkers Association, Province 1 (President ) and Social Activist

Mr. Sudeep Lama

Social Worker

Honorable Patron

Ms. Gensei Ito

Chairman, ASCA Overseas Cultural Exchange

Official Team

Mr. Milan Moktan

Founder and Program Director

Ms. Manisha Thapa

Official Head (Sadhana Kala Kendra)- 2022

Mr. Rojin Shakya

Official Choreographer- 2021

Mr. Kewal Tamang

Publicity Director- 2021

Ms. Rupa Ghising

Official Co-Ordinator- 2021

Mr. Dhyan Bahadur Moktan

Tamang language, Culture Instructor- 2021

Mr. Anish Chhetri

Official Dance Choreographer- 2021

Seemron Syangbo

Project Manager- 2021

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